Is this comic spicy? Maybe. I don’t intend on getting “political/controversial” very often, but the Battlefield V cover controversy definitely bordered absurd for me to where I have to talk about:

As a father of a young girl I have to ask – what IS the big deal with a woman being on a game cover? Life is hard enough to where we have to nitpick on bull like this. And there are plenty of issues with the new Star Wars movies (as there will be with all future Star Wars films forever and ever) to not hyper-focus on the presence of a few more ladies. Guys can still be guys!! Even if women are there! It’s true!!

And assuming these trolls operate on good faith, what is the proper ratio of men-to-women in pop culture franchises? 5-to-1? And as long as they take a servile role? Good grief.

Ah well. That’s enough spiciness. As always, thanks for stopping by! New comics coming up!