Geez it’s been an on and off ride, hasn’t it? Let’s recount our journey through webcomics leading up to this point:

2002: Started Slackerz as a dumb photoshop “comic”.
2003: Recruited Matt Erkhart.
2004: Erkhart got burned out.
2004-2005: Tried working with two other artists on other projects – didn’t work out.
2006: Hepting (!!!) reached out to work with me. Kicked ass for four years.
2010: Got immensely burned out during my last year of college. Had to stop for a bit.
2011: Picked the comic back up after school was done.
2012: Life event happened.
2013: Tried to start back up…
2014: Life event.
2015: Life event.
2016-2018: Recovering from previous Life Event.
2018: Things are stable AND HERE WE ARE AGAIN.

A few months ago, I got enamored by Youtube and wanted to make something similar to what ProZD and Gus Johnson were doing – 30 second comic-like clips. Then…uh…I realized I have no stage presence. So that didn’t go very far. BUT what I do have is free time, the urge to create AND years of attempting writing experience (see above!). So I asked Hepting if he was down for another round and thank goodness he said yes because he’s freaking kickin it.

I decided that we outgrew the name ‘Slackerz’, a name I came up with as an 18 year almost 16 years ago. So now we’re KAPOW BLOCK! But you can check out our old comics, Goobs and Slackerz, over on the right! I haven’t tagged them with meta data yet so they’re not super searchable. But you can hit the ol’ randomizer and find something maybe readable!

THANK YOU FOR VISITING!! We’ve got five already done comics ready to go and Hepting has five scripts ready to rock so we’ll be here at least for a little while! Check back once a week and stop by our multitude of social media accounts.